Good business starts with employee wellbeing

About us

We are specialists in strength-based team interaction, leading the way in helping people improve the value of thinking differently together.

Quality of life

People who use their strengths every day are more than three times as likely to say they have an excellent quality of life.

Uniqueness is a benefit

Teams that invest in the individual's strengths, perform up to 24% better.

Increased engagement

People that know their talents and strengths are six times as likely to be engaged at work.

Higher ROI

Gallup research, based on almost 50.000 companies in 45 countries, reported an up to 29% increase in ROI.

Services that lead the way to better business.


  • Discover your uniqueStrengths™. Helping you identify what makes you truly unique and building awareness of your risk areas.
  • 360™ Perspective. Get valuable feedback on how you are using your strengths.
  • Team™ A team’s clear strengths – the DNA, Team members’ individual significant strengths, productive team habits and how to develop these. The team’s “risk” behaviours to watch out for.
  • Engage™ Measure ROI and employee engagement. Measures changes in staff engagement and productive use of strengths following on from development initiative

First conversation

Online conversation. It all starts with being able to name your talents and strengths. We will use your own profile based on your completed validated assessment, giving us a framwork to see how you are uniquely powerful.
30-45 Min.

Workshop manager and team

Develop more productive, collaborative and happy engaged teams. Strengthen relationships and work more effectively with people whose strengths are different from yours. We tailor the workshop to your needs, from a few hours to multi day workshops.

Discover your strengths

We offer tailor-made workshops, lectures, talks, kick-offs and coaching.


We provide a wide range of visual and graphical analyzes/information on teams and individually.

Who we are

We exist because we know that employee wellbeing increase engagement and change business for the better, ultimately improving the bottom line and long-term happiness.

We use data to drive your team and business to success and understand the importance of measurements, assessments and accurate analyzes. Each team and each organization has its unique DNA. We always work complementarily and have a team of top consultants and business coaches. All certified in in their field.


Micahel Monrad-Krohn

CEO & Partner

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Accredited Strengthscope; practitioner, ICF Coach, Builder10 Entrepenur Coach

Matias Hagen

Leader New Media and Technology & Partner

ICF Coach, Strengths Coach, mPower Stress Management and Mental Training

Our Vision

To inspire businesses to put employee wellbeing at the heart of everything they do.

Our Mission

Thinking differently together means interacting on the basis of individual and unique strengths. This creates a high degree of wellbeing. Our mission is to use employee wellbeing as a tool to champion positive change in the modern workplace. Change which improves the human experience while also providing tangible business benefits.

Our Values

Improving employee wellbeing to improve business and the outcome for society.

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